Ain’t Technology Grand? Assistive Devices for the Vision-Impaired Writer

Reblogged from Crackin’ the WIP

by     D.M. Gutierrez

Since I talked about my vision impairment last week, I thought I’d expand on the topic a little. Some of you might be wondering how I write or read or critique. Well, there are a lot of assistive devices out there, and they sure have improved over the years. I’ll show you the ones I use, and maybe, if you know someone who has impaired vision and isn’t already aware of these world-expanding tools, you can pass along the information.

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Welcome, Readers!

by     D.M. Gutierrez

As some of you know, I’ve been participating in a multi-authored writing blog, CrackinTheWIP, for a while  now. One of my most popular posts was on the adaptive technology I use to write fiction, non-fiction, poetry and songs.  I’m going to re-blog it here and add other posts about being a writer/poet/songwriter who happens to be vision-impaired.  My hope is that other creative people will join me both as readers and as guest bloggers.  The world needs to see all the talent, energy, and enthusiasm out there!


Please pass on the link to this blog to anyone you know who might have an interest in writing of all kinds and those who might contribute to knowledge about vision impairments, the technology that can be useful, the emotional, mental, and physical challenges of having low or no vision, and any other topic that seem relevant to the community of readers I hope to engage with.

I will be publishing a new post every Monday, so keep an eye out!  If you subscribe to the blog, you’ll receive a reminder email when a new post is published.


Thanks for reading 🙂